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From Vision to Reality: How 3D Printing Fueled a Motorbike Enthusiast's Innovation

2023.10.27  231 clicks

When Joseph, an enthusiastic engineer, came to 3DSPRO with a complete CAD design of a subframe for a motor bike, we were sure that it will be a great example to showcase how 3DSPRO will use industrial 3D printing technology and our solution to help all motorbike enthusiasts and professionals. 3D printing is rapidly changing the way enthusiasts and professionals approach bike customization, making unique and intricate designs more accessible than ever before. Here's a closer look at Joseph's journey and the innovative world of 3D-printed motorcycle parts.


Source: Joseph

A Love for Bikes

Joseph's passion for bikes is not new. Over the years, he was always desiring to create something uniquely his. This drive eventually led him to explore the world of custom bikes. Joseph decided to start making his own custom motorcycle 3 years ago. It was not a small project, but Joseph is more than excited for all the challenges. He soon finished his designs, highlighting a custom made subframe and a new headlight/handlebar setup.


Source: Joseph

The Challenge of Customization

However, he soon realized that in this journey of innovation one of the biggest challenges is that most of the parts he wanted were not available for sale nor easy to make with traditional manufacturing methods. One of the most intricate and essential parts of a motorcycle is its subframe. Traditionally, building a custom subframe is nearly impossible because it would require a big factory, extensive works, and a lot of patience. 


While he had the vision of realizing his design that was both functional and visually stunning, the conventional methods seemed limiting. That's when he stumbled upon an article about 3D printing in the automotive industry. The idea clicked: Why not use 3D printing to bring his custom motorbike to life?


Source: Joseph

Embracing 3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a process where material is added layer by layer to create a three-dimensional object from a digital model. No complicated tooling or machining setup is required for the whole manufacturing process, and no minimum order quantity. For Joseph, this meant that even as an independent innovator, he could easily use make the parts with his design and produce them.

Still, he can use some help. After some research, he found 3DSPRO as a trustworthy 3D printing solution provider and he chose a strong, lightweight Nylon PA 12 material after consulting with our professional engineer. This material ensured that the subframe would be robust enough for real-world use while allowing for a high level of intricate detailing.


Source: Joseph

Toward Success

The printing process for Joseph’s subframe was not easy because the subframe was very large in size and must be printed as a whole. 3DSPRO accepted this challenge and matched a large-size SLS 3D printer for this project. The printing process itself also took time, with several iterations and refinements. After that, the challenge was to make sure this subframe can arrive at Australia safe and sound. 3DSPRO paid extra attention to the padding and boxing and chose the best shipping carrier based on Joseph’s location and budget.

The Result

When the final piece fitted to his bike, it was a sight to behold. Joseph's custom subframe was a seamless blend of functionality and artistry. It not only had a “store-bought appearance”, but also specifically matched Joseph’s requirements that would have been nearly impossible for a store-bought item. 

The feedback we received from Joseph was overwhelmingly positive, “Really high quality and was so easy to work with. Being able to communicate directly with the engineers Via WhatsApp made the process much easier and more personal. Result of the part is Way above what I was expecting, I had given a set of requirements, and they were all met. No layer lines, Perfect dimensional accuracy etc. Really happy with the overall outcome.”


Source: Joseph

The Future is Now

Joseph's journey is a strong prove to the possibilities that 3D printing brings to the world of custom motorcycle building. As technology continues to advance, it's clear that 3D printing will play an increasingly prominent role in the customization of bikes, allowing for greater design freedom, faster prototyping, and potentially even more custom and lightweight components. 

For bike lovers like Joe, the future is exciting. With 3D printing and the help of 3DSPRO, the only limit is one's imagination. And as more enthusiasts embrace this technology, the motorcycle world is set for a revolution in design and customization. As service provider like 3DSPRO, we are more than happier to see our effort can help more people in their path of innovation.

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