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SLA 3D Printing


SLA 3D Printing
What is SLA?

Stereolithography (SLA) is a type of 3D printing technology that uses a liquid resin that is cured by a focused light source, typically a laser or UV light. The resin is contained in a tank, and a build platform is submerged in the resin. The light source is then used to selectively harden the resin, layer by layer until the desired shape is achieved.


Turbine blower printed with Quality Resin White.

Our Production Capabilities of SLA

3DSPRO wants every innovator to make informed decisions. We are trying to make all information as transparent as possible. Here are some technical data of our production capability for your reference.

Lead Time48 Hours/72 Hours
Maximum Printing Size2100mm * 1700mm * 810mm
Tolerance± 200μm or 0.2%mm
Machines Operating

SLA Pros & Cons

SLA 3D printing excels in crafting parts with exceptional detail and precision, ideal for intricate geometries. Its versatility extends to a variety of materials, from robust and flexible to translucent and conductive resins, catering to diverse fields like product design, engineering, and healthcare.


Premium Clear Resin after exposure to direct sunlight for three months, compared to a new one.

While SLA parts may face yellowing when exposed to sunlight over time, 3DSPRO’s 3D+ services offer solutions like UV-curing and protective coatings to preserve the part’s original hue, ensuring longevity and aesthetic integrity for your projects.

How are people utilizing SLA?

SLA printing is widely used in industries such as consumer products, art and design, and medical devices and is increasingly accessible to hobbyists and makers. Renowned for producing prototypes that closely resemble the final product, SLA printing simplifies the prototyping process by producing parts with smooth surfaces that are easy to paint.


A custom game controller shell printed with Tough Resin White.

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