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SLS 3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering

SLS 3D Printing
What is SLS?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process that uses lasers to selectively melt and bond powdered materials (usually nylon or various polymers) to form solid objects, one layer at a time. SLS can create highly complex and intricate parts with high accuracy and detail resolution without the need for support structures. Lasers selectively sinter or fuse powder materials, allowing the creation of geometrically complex parts that are difficult or impossible to create using traditional manufacturing techniques.


Structure printed with SLS Nylon PA12 Gray Black.

Our Production Capabilities of SLS

3DSPRO wants every innovator to make informed decisions. We are trying to make all information as transparent as possible. Here are some technical data of our production capability for your reference.

Lead Time48 Hours/72 Hours/5 Days
Maximum Printing Size645mm * 325mm * 520mm
Tolerance± 300μm or 0.3%mm
Machines Operating

SLS Pros & Cons

On the plus side, SLS can create highly complex and intricate parts with high accuracy and detail resolution without the need for support structures. Additionally, depending on the material you choose, SLS can produce parts with unique mechanical properties, including high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance, which makes it ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, where such properties are often required.


Turbo blower printed with SLS PA 12 White.

However, there are also some downsides to SLS. SLS is typically limited to printing with certain materials, such as nylon, which can be a disadvantage if a specific characteristic is needed for a particular application. For example, if you need your part to have a smooth surface, the original granular finish of nylon powder may not meet your needs. Additionally, the post-processing required to remove excess powder and layer lines can be time-consuming, and the cost of SLS printers and materials can be high compared to other 3D printing methods.


To help all innovators maximize the use of SLS 3D printing without worrying about its cons, 3DSPRO provides a full SLS 3D printing solution and 3D Plus solutions, including powder cleaning and post-processing, such as grinding and vapor smoothing.

How are people utilizing SLS?

SLS is widely used in various industries due to its ability to create complex and intricate parts with unique mechanical properties. Here are some applications of SLS:


Aerospace: SLS is used to create parts for spacecraft, satellites, and commercial aircraft. The parts produced by SLS are lightweight and strong, making them ideal for aerospace use.


Drone frame printed with SLS Nylon PA 12 Light Gray.

Medical: SLS is used to create medical implants, prosthetics, surgical tools, and guides. The ability to create custom parts with unique mechanical properties is particularly useful in the medical field.


Automotive: SLS is used to create parts for cars and other vehicles, such as engine components, brackets, and housings. The strength and durability of SLS parts make them ideal for use in the harsh environment of automotive applications.


Product design: SLS is used by product designers to create prototypes and functional parts for testing and evaluation. The ability to quickly produce parts with complex geometries and unique mechanical properties is particularly useful in the product design process.


Architecture: SLS is used in architectural model-making to create detailed and intricate models of buildings and other structures. The ability to create complex geometries with high accuracy and detail resolution is particularly useful in this application.


Overall, SLS is a versatile 3D printing technology with a wide range of applications in various industries, particularly those that require high-quality, custom parts with unique mechanical properties.

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