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Check how innovators from diverse industries are using 3D Printing

Art & DesignArt & Design

Art & Design


Artists and designers are turning to 3D printing services to bring their complex sculptural visions to life. Traditional manufacturing techniques often impose limitations on creativity, while 3D printing technology provides greater freedom to create. At 3DSPRO, we offer a range of 3D printing technologies, materials, and finishing options to ensure that even the most intricate sculptures can be printed to perfection. Our complete 3D Plus service also ensures that each piece is ready for gallery display.




In the robotics industry, engineers require rapid prototyping that does not compromise on quality or functionality. Parts must be wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and heat resistant. We are glad to meet such critical metrics. At 3DSPRO, we offer MJF printing technology, which provides high-precision parts made with HP PA12 material that is durable and displays extreme tolerance. We also have high-performance resin materials available for specific applications such as robotic shells.




Automotive parts must withstand harsh environments and endure a long working lifetime with frequent duty cycles. They must also be waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and heat-resistant. 3DSPRO offers a comprehensive manufacturing plan to meet the demands of each challenging project. We have a wide range of metal materials available that are suitable for such applications, ensuring that each part we print is of the highest quality.


3D Printed Food

You might be surprised to learn that 3D printers can print food! The most common type of food printed is confections, as the sugar can easily be shaped when it's hot. 3D printing food isn't just for fun, it has potential practical uses as well. For example, NASA has investigated the use of 3D food printers to provide astronauts with a varied diet during long space missions.


In the medical field, a technique called bioprinting is used to create tissue and organ constructs that mimic the behavior of natural tissues. Using cells as "bioink," scientists are exploring printing structures such as heart tissue, skin, and even bone. While still in its infancy, bioprinting has the potential to revolutionize medicine.

Large Size 3D Printing

While many people picture desktop-sized 3D printers, they can be much, much larger. Some industrial 3D printers are large enough to create full-sized cars or houses. There are even projects to use 3D printers to construct buildings on the Moon or Mars, potentially enabling future human habitation.

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