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Navigating the World of 3D Printing: A Personal Odyssey with 3DSPRO

2023.12.14  717 clicks

Introduction by 3DSPRO

We are more than thrilled to share this very special article. It was entirely written by one of our pilot customers, Syd. He shared a very detailed view of his journey with 3D printing and 3DSPRO. Hope Syd’s past experiences, material selection, design processes, and creative thoughts can inspire more people, so our human race can see more innovation. Let’s get started.    



Main Article


A blueprint of a container

Embarking on a new chapter at the age of 59, my foray into the realm of 3D printing began with a unique background in the Swiss industry, centered around vacuum centrifugal casting. Although not initially steeped in the intricacies of 3D printing, I undertook a comprehensive study of materials, resolution, and possibilities. The first significant touchpoint came through a now-defunct company that expanded its repertoire to include precious metal 3D printing.

As the years progressed, so did my curiosity and projects, compelling me to seek out providers for both CNC and 3D printing. Yet, this endeavor often proved to be a labyrinth of choices, where identifying the most cost-effective and qualitatively superior service with the right finishing seemed like a Herculean task. It was during this quest that 3DSPRO entered the narrative, a turning point that transformed my approach to custom 3D printing.

This case study unravels my journey, from initial encounters with the vacuum centrifugal casting industry in Switzerland to the exploration of diverse materials and technologies in 3D printing. Along the way, I'll share the pivotal role 3DSPRO played in streamlining my projects, offering insights into their exceptional services, collaborative spirit, and unwavering commitment to precision and quality.

Discovering 3DSPRO

A shelf with shaving brushes and razors

In the midst of my quest for the ideal 3D printing solution, the fortuitous encounter with 3DSPRO marked a pivotal moment in my journey. My current undertaking, the creation of a customized glasses case, was not merely a practical accessory, but a testament to my desire for a hands-on understanding of the production process.

Choosing to prototype with aluminum AlSi10Mg, I was astounded when, just a week later, I held the tangible results in my hands, a testament to the exceptional efficiency of 3DSPRO's services. The speed with which my designs were transformed into physical objects was a revelation, solidifying my confidence in the capabilities of this company.

Yet, it wasn't merely the rapid turnaround time that impressed me. It was the meticulous attention to detail that truly set 3DSPRO apart. Each contour and intricacy of my design was faithfully reproduced, showcasing the precision and craftsmanship that define their work. It was in this moment that I realized I had discovered not just a service provider, but a partner deeply invested in the realization of my vision.

As I delved deeper into the array of materials and finishes offered by 3DSPRO, I was struck by the wealth of options at my disposal. The array of choices was overwhelming and empowering, as it allowed me to fine-tune my design to perfection. The material selection was not limited to mere aesthetics; it became an integral part of the design process, influencing the functionality, durability, and overall aesthetic appeal of the final product.

A group of brushes on a wood stand

Moreover, the accessibility of information on 3DSPRO's platform was a breath of fresh air. Detailed specifications, example photos, and material data sheets provided a comprehensive understanding of each material's properties and applications. This transparency instilled a sense of confidence in my choices, eradicating any uncertainty that often plagues the decision-making process in the realm of 3D printing.

In my interactions with 3DSPRO, I found a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded my expectations. Queries were met with prompt and clear responses, and any concerns or modifications were met with a genuine willingness to accommodate. The collaborative spirit exhibited by the team, particularly my dedicated contact, CJ, chief engineer at 3DSPRO, transformed the process from a transactional service to a partnership centered around realizing my creative vision.

In summary, my discovery of 3DSPRO was a revelation that reshaped my approach to 3D printing. It was not just about the physical realization of designs; it was about a seamless, collaborative journey towards perfection. The combination of efficiency, precision, and transparency offered by 3DSPRO not only streamlined my projects but elevated them to a level of quality and craftsmanship that surpassed my expectations.

Global Connectivity and Challenges

The acceleration of global commerce in the digital age has ushered in an era of unprecedented connectivity. As a 59-year-old Swiss newcomer to the 3D printing landscape, I found myself marveling at the astonishing speed at which products could be shipped from China to Europe. The world, it seemed, had indeed become smaller, with geographical barriers diminishing in the face of advanced logistics and communication networks.

However, while this newfound accessibility brought with it a sense of excitement, it also unveiled a unique set of challenges. The rapid evolution of 3D printing technologies and processes introduced a dynamic element to the decision-making process. The emergence of copper as a viable material for 3D modeling was a prime example of how the boundaries of what was once not possible were continuously expanding. This development, though groundbreaking, also introduced a new set of considerations, particularly in relation to thermal conductivity.

A close-up of a bowl

In navigating the global landscape of CNC and 3D printing providers, I encountered a plethora of options, each promising varying levels of cost-effectiveness and finish quality. The presence of intermediary service hubs added another layer of complexity, often muddying the waters when it came to understanding the specific capabilities of individual providers. It was evident that keeping pace with the latest processes and techniques was imperative in making informed choices.

A particularly resonant experience was the discovery that certain providers occasionally failed to convey material specifications accurately from producer to end customer. This ambiguity underscored the importance of a direct interface with the producer, allowing me to scrutinize the full spectrum of available materials and technologies. It was through this hands-on approach that I gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of material selection and its profound impact on the final product.

In essence, the age of global connectivity brought both exhilaration and complexity to my journey in 3D printing. The accessibility to cutting-edge technologies from around the world expanded the realm of possibilities, but it also demanded a heightened level of discernment and vigilance in navigating a rapidly evolving landscape. The need for informed decision-making was paramount, as the dynamic nature of the industry required an ongoing commitment to staying abreast of emerging processes and materials.

Navigating Material Choices

A close-up of a eye glasses case design                    A metal eyeglasses box with red cover

As I delved deeper into the realm of individual 3D services, one of the most intriguing yet challenging aspects was deciphering the intricate relationship between materials and technology. It became apparent that not all materials were created equal, and the choice of material was inextricably linked to the intended 3D printing process. This realization prompted a concerted effort to seek out direct engagement with producers, allowing me to gain a firsthand understanding of the array of materials available.

The selection of materials for 3D printing is a multifaceted endeavor, where considerations extend beyond mere aesthetics. Each material carries its own set of properties, influencing factors such as durability, flexibility, thermal conductivity, and even weight. This intricate interplay between material and function underscored the importance of informed decision-making.

In some instances, I discovered that the specifics of material alloys were lost in translation, leading to discrepancies between what was promised by the producer and what ultimately reached the end customer. This served as a stark reminder of the critical need for direct interaction with producers, enabling me to meticulously scrutinize material options and their compatibility with my envisioned designs.

One material that particularly piqued my interest was copper. Its incorporation into the 3D printing realm represented a significant technological leap forward. However, the material's high thermal conductivity posed a unique challenge. It required a meticulous approach to design and a thorough understanding of the material's properties to ensure that the end product would meet my expectations.

The material selection process, in essence, became a delicate dance between functionality, aesthetics, and technical feasibility. It necessitated a comprehensive understanding of each material's strengths and limitations, as well as its compatibility with the intended application. This journey into material exploration not only deepened my appreciation for the intricacies of 3D printing but also empowered me to make more informed decisions about the materials I chose to incorporate into my projects.

In summary, the process of navigating material choices in the realm of 3D printing was a multifaceted endeavor that required a blend of technical understanding, hands-on exploration, and a discerning eye for detail. It underscored the profound impact that material selection has on the final outcome, shaping everything from functionality to aesthetics. Through direct engagement with producers and a commitment to staying informed about emerging materials, I gained a newfound appreciation for the dynamic interplay between materials and technology in the world of 3D printing.

The Material Epiphany

3D printed eyeglasses case in titanium

Amidst my exploration of materials, one particular revelation stood out like a beacon of innovation – the High-Temp Resistant Resin offered by 3DSPRO. This discovery was nothing short of a game-changer, aligning seamlessly with my vision for the glasses case project.

The High-Temp Resistant Resin, with its unique combination of properties, captured my attention for several reasons. First and foremost, it exhibited a remarkable capacity to withstand elevated temperatures, offering a level of durability and resilience that exceeded my initial expectations. This newfound capability broadened the scope of potential applications for my design, ensuring that the glasses case would not only be visually appealing but also functionally robust.

Furthermore, the material's transparency added an extra layer of versatility to the project. This feature opened up possibilities for creative and aesthetic elements that were previously unattainable with other materials. The interplay of light and shadow, coupled with the clarity of the resin, promised to imbue the final product with a distinctive visual allure.

This level of personalization added an extra layer of significance to the project, transforming it from a functional accessory into a unique and meaningful creation.

Moreover, the material's resistance to environmental factors, such as exposure to heat and moisture, was a critical consideration. Knowing that the glasses case would maintain its integrity even under challenging conditions provided a level of assurance that was paramount for me.

In essence, the discovery of the High-Temp Resistant Resin was a watershed moment in my 3D printing journey. It not only expanded the realm of possibilities for the glasses case project but also ignited a newfound appreciation for the profound impact that material selection can have on the final outcome. This epiphany exemplified the transformative power of innovative materials, and it underscored the importance of staying abreast of emerging options in the dynamic world of 3D printing. With this resin, I found a material that not only met the functional requirements of the project but also elevated its aesthetic and creative potential to a whole new level.

Precision in Titanium Titanium Alloy Ti₆Al₄V

A rendering of a metal case with a pair of glasses inside

Navigating the intricacies of working with titanium presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Drawing from my previous experience in anodizing and dyeing pocket knives, I understood that titanium was an entirely different beast. Its exceptional strength and durability demanded a nuanced approach, one that required a deep understanding of its properties and behavior under various machining processes.

Unlike working with silver or gold, where soldering and grinding were well within my skill set, titanium demanded a more specialized set of techniques. Its high melting point and resistance to traditional methods meant that precision was paramount. This necessitated a meticulous design process, with every angle and dimension carefully considered to ensure a flawless final product.

3d printed eyeglasses case with eyeglasses inside

Leveraging Fusion 360 as my 3D drawing program of choice, I meticulously crafted the design for the titanium glasses case. The program's powerful capabilities allowed me to fine-tune every detail, ensuring that the 3D model was optimized for the material's unique characteristics. This level of precision was crucial, especially given the unforgiving nature of working with titanium.

Collaboration with 3DSPRO was instrumental in achieving the desired outcome. Sharing the project with CJ, my dedicated contact at 3DSPRO, provided a valuable second set of eyes. CJ's expertise and insight were invaluable in refining the design to a 1mm thickness, striking the perfect balance between strength and weight for a glasses case.

The initial attempt with a 2mm thickness, while robust, proved to be cost-prohibitive. This prompted a strategic reevaluation, highlighting the need for a leaner yet equally durable design. It was through this iterative process, guided by the expertise of both CJ and my own understanding of the material, that we arrived at the optimal 1mm thickness.

The 3DSPRO platform facilitated this collaboration seamlessly. The ability to share projects via a link streamlined communication and allowed for real-time adjustments. This direct line of communication with the production team was a testament to 3DSPRO's commitment to ensuring that the end result met both my design specifications and the material's inherent properties.

In essence, working with titanium was a masterclass in precision engineering. It demanded a level of attention to detail and technical proficiency that pushed the boundaries of my prior experience. Through a collaborative effort with 3DSPRO, we achieved a delicate balance between design, material, and functionality, resulting in a glasses case that not only met my aesthetic and functional requirements but also showcased the exceptional capabilities of both titanium and 3D printing technology. This experience served as a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when craftsmanship meets cutting-edge materials and technology.

Seamless Collaboration with 3DSPRO

The collaboration with 3DSPRO was characterized by a level of professionalism and expertise that left a lasting impression. From the outset, the process was marked by open and effective communication, setting the stage for a productive partnership.

CJ, my designated contact at 3DSPRO, played a pivotal role in facilitating this seamless collaboration. His expertise and deep understanding of the 3D printing process were evident from the outset. CJ's ability to swiftly grasp the nuances of my project, despite my potentially imperfect articulation, was a testament to his proficiency and experience.

Colorful 3D printed eyeglasses case

One of the most valuable aspects of this collaboration was the speed and efficiency with which queries and adjustments were addressed. Responses were prompt, providing me with the assurance that my project was receiving the attention it deserved. This level of responsiveness instilled a sense of confidence in the process, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring that the project progressed smoothly.

The 3DSPRO platform itself played a crucial role in facilitating this collaboration. The option to share projects via a link through Fusion 360 streamlined the communication process, allowing for a clear and visual representation of my design. This direct line of communication with the production team not only expedited the decision-making process but also fostered a sense of trust in the team's ability to bring my vision to life.

Furthermore, CJ's willingness to go above and beyond in accommodating my design specifications was truly remarkable. When faced with challenges, such as the need to adjust wall thicknesses for a 0.25mm version, CJ offered invaluable insights and solutions. This level of personalized attention and problem-solving demonstrated a genuine commitment to ensuring the success of the project.

In contrast to past experiences where queries went unanswered, the collaboration with 3DSPRO was characterized by a level of professionalism and dedication that left a lasting impression. It was evident that the team at 3DSPRO viewed each project as a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise and commitment to quality.

In summary, the collaboration with 3DSPRO was a defining factor in the success of my 3D printing project. The expertise, responsiveness, and personalized attention provided by CJ and the team exemplified a level of professionalism that set a new standard for me. This experience not only yielded a high-quality end product but also reinforced my confidence in the capabilities of 3DSPRO as a trusted partner in bringing creative visions to life through 3D printing.

Home in 3DSPRO

My experience with 3DSPRO transcended mere transactional interactions; it felt like finding a place where I truly belonged in the world of 3D printing. This sentiment was fostered by several key factors that set 3DSPRO apart as a reliable and trusted partner in my creative endeavors.

One of the most striking aspects of my interaction with 3DSPRO was the exceptional response times. Queries and concerns were met with a swiftness that demonstrated a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. This level of responsiveness not only expedited the decision-making process but also conveyed a sense of urgency and importance placed on each project.

Moreover, I was consistently met with a level of understanding that went beyond mere technical proficiency. Even if I may not have articulated every detail perfectly, I never felt misunderstood. CJ, my dedicated contact at 3DSPRO, exhibited a remarkable ability to grasp the essence of my vision and translate it into actionable steps. This level of comprehension was invaluable in ensuring that my project progressed seamlessly.

3D printed eyeglasses painted

In stark contrast to previous experiences where queries went unanswered, 3DSPRO provided a level of reliability that instilled confidence. It was evident that every step of the process, from initial inquiry to final production, was executed with precision and care. This sense of assurance allowed me to focus on the creative aspects of my project, knowing that the technical execution was in capable hands.

The transparency and accessibility of information on the 3DSPRO platform further reinforced my sense of trust in the company. Material data sheets, example photos, and detailed specifications provided a comprehensive understanding of each material's properties and applications. This wealth of information empowered me to make informed decisions, eradicating any uncertainty that often accompanies material selection.

Furthermore, the pricing structure offered by 3DSPRO was not only fair but also transparent. The ability to view example photos with various resolutions for almost all materials provided a tangible preview of what to expect. This level of transparency instilled confidence, ensuring that there were no surprises when it came to cost or quality.

In essence, 3DSPRO became more than just a service provider; it became a trusted ally in my 3D printing endeavors. The seamless collaboration, unwavering commitment to quality, and unparalleled level of understanding and responsiveness solidified my confidence in 3DSPRO as a partner who shared my dedication to turning creative visions into tangible reality. This sense of belonging and trust in 3DSPRO was a defining factor in the success of my 3D printing projects.



My journey with 3DSPRO has been nothing short of transformative. From the very beginning, their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to achieving the best results were evident in every interaction and every phase of the project. This partnership has not only elevated the quality of my creations but has also fundamentally changed the way I approach 3D printing.

The efficiency with which 3DSPRO operates is a testament to their mastery of the 3D printing process. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, every step was executed with precision and care. The swift response times and seamless communication streamlined the decision-making process, ensuring that my vision was realized in a timely and efficient manner.

What truly sets 3DSPRO apart is their expertise. The depth of knowledge and understanding exhibited by CJ and the entire team was invaluable. Their ability to not only comprehend the technical intricacies of the project but also to translate my vision into actionable steps was a cornerstone of our successful collaboration. It was a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared passion for excellence.

Through 3DSPRO's services, I found a reliable partner who shared my commitment to turning creative concepts into tangible, high-quality products. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail demonstrated in the final results surpassed my expectations. Each piece was a testament to the skill and dedication of the 3DSPRO team.

In every interaction with 3DSPRO, I felt heard, understood, and supported. This level of trust and mutual respect formed the foundation of our collaboration, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects of my projects, knowing that the technical execution was in capable hands.

In conclusion, 3DSPRO has not only been a service provider but a trusted ally in my journey through the world of 3D printing. Their efficiency, expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality have elevated my projects to new heights. I look forward to continuing this partnership and exploring new creative possibilities with 3DSPRO by my side. Together, we have proven that with the right partner, even the most intricate visions can be brought to life with precision and excellence.


Personal Encouragement to Explore 3D Design and CNC/3D Printing


Dear reader,

I wanted to take a moment to share something that has brought me immense joy and fulfillment: the world of 3D design and CNC/3Dmanufacturing. It's an endeavor that I believe everyone should try, at least once. The experience of designing an everyday object and tailoring it to your exact needs is truly unparalleled.

There's a certain magic in holding a physical object in your hands, knowing that you conceptualized and brought it to life. The satisfaction of seeing your creation come to fruition is something that words can scarcely do justice. It's a feeling of accomplishment that transcends the digital realm and becomes a tangible reality.

What's more, the process itself is a journey of learning, creativity, and problem-solving. It challenges you to think critically about form, function, and the interplay between the two. It's an opportunity to explore your own ingenuity and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Whether you're designing a practical tool, a decorative piece, or something entirely unique to your imagination, the experience is both rewarding and empowering. It's a reminder that we all have the capacity to be creators, to bring forth something entirely new and uniquely our own.

So, I encourage you to take that first step. Dive into the world of 3D design and 3D-Printing/CNC manufacturing. Embrace the process, relish the learning curve, and revel in the satisfaction of holding your own creation. Trust me, it's worth every moment.

Wishing you boundless creativity and joy in your journey of design and creation.


Warm regards,

Syd Maignan - Switzerland

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