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How much does metal 3D printing cost?

The cost of metal 3D printing can vary widely, typically ranging from $15 to $800 per piece. This variation is influenced by several factors, including:

Material Costs: The type of metal used can significantly affect the price. For example, metal powder can range from $79/kg for steel to $738/kg for advanced titanium alloys.

Machine Costs: The technology used for printing (e.g., laser sintering, electron beams) and the size of the printer itself can impact the cost.

Design Complexity: More complex designs may require additional machine time and post-processing, increasing the overall cost.

Finishing Requirements: The level of surface finish and post-processing needed can also affect the price.

Volume and Batch Size: Larger quantities can reduce the cost per unit due to efficiencies in production.

It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and actual costs can differ based on specific project requirements and market conditions.

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