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What are the main differences between 3D printed metal parts and CNC machined metal parts?

The main differences between 3D-printed metal parts and CNC-machined metal parts lie in their manufacturing processes, material properties, precision, and design capabilities.

Manufacturing Process

● 3D Printing: An additive process that builds parts layer by layer from metal powder or wire.

● CNC Machining: A subtractive process that removes material from a solid block to shape the final part.

Material Properties

3D Printing: Can sometimes use weaker material approximations, although advancements are improving this aspect.

CNC Machining: Delivers the full properties of engineering materials, with parts generally exhibiting higher strength.

Precision and Accuracy

3D Printing: Achieves good dimensional accuracy, but high precision can be challenging.

CNC Machining: Highly precise, allowing for tighter tolerances and better mechanical properties.


Design Capabilities

3D Printing: Ideal for complex geometries and internal structures that are difficult or impossible to machine.

CNC Machining: Has some geometric restrictions but can produce parts in any material that is rigid enough to be cut.

Surface Finish

3D Printing: Often requires post-processing to achieve a smooth surface.

CNC Machining: Provides superior surface quality, with parts often ready for use without additional finishing.

Cost and Volume

3D Printing: Generally more cost-effective for small volumes due to minimal setup costs.

CNC Machining: More cost-effective at higher volumes, with excellent repeatability.

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