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What causes spray paint cracking?

Spray paint cracking is a common problem when the paint surface splits or breaks into pieces. Several factors can cause spray paint cracking, such as:

Uneven thickness of the spray paint layer: If the paint layer is not applied evenly, the spray paint will shrink unevenly during drying, resulting in cracks.

Extreme temperature: If the painting is done in a very hot or cold environment, the paint drying speed will be affected, which may lead to cracks.

Incompatibility between paint and substrate: If the paint and the substrate are incompatible, the spray paint will react with the substrate during drying, causing cracks.

Improper spray paint treatment: If the spray paint is not applied properly, such as using too thick or too thin coats or not allowing enough drying time between coats, it will also cause cracks.

Poor substrate surface preparation: If the substrate surface is not prepared properly, such as not cleaning or sanding it well, it will also cause cracks.

Insufficient Baking Time: When the curing or drying time is inadequate, the paint may not reach the necessary hardness and durability, which can cause the paint to remain tacky or soft, making it susceptible to damage and leading to premature cracking.

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