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Why does SLM need supports?

In SLM 3D printing, supports are necessary for several reasons:

Overhangs and Complex Geometries: Supports provide stability for features that overhang or extend out beyond 45 degrees, which would otherwise be impossible to build up from the powder bed alone.

Heat Dissipation: They help dissipate heat during the printing process, reducing thermal stresses that can cause warping or distortions in the final part.

Anchoring: Supports anchoring the part to the build platform, ensuring it remains fixed in place and does not shift during the high-energy laser melting process.

Preventing Collapse: For intricate designs with internal cavities or thin walls, supports prevent the structure from collapsing during the build.

While necessary, supports do increase the material usage and require additional post-processing to remove, which can affect the overall cost and surface finish of the printed part.

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