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UEFA Euro 2024: Feel the Vibe of Soccer Carnival with 3D Printing

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Written by Abigail    May 24, 2024


UEFA EURO 2024 is set to be a spectacular celebration of soccer, uniting fans and nations in a showcase of talent and passion. The tournament will commence in Munich on Friday, 14 June 2024, and will culminate with the grand final in Berlin on Sunday, 14 July 2024.

The month-long tournament will feature thrilling matches across various cities in Germany. The opening match will see Germany face Scotland at Munich’s iconic stadium, setting the stage for a series of competitive and exciting fixtures.

Ten cities will play host to the matches, each offering a unique backdrop for the games:

● Munich

● Berlin

● Cologne

● Dortmund

● Hamburg

● Stuttgart

● Gelsenkirchen

● Frankfurt

● Düsseldorf

● Leipzig

These cities will not only provide the stages for the matches but will also be vibrant centers for fans to gather, celebrate, and experience the cultural festivities associated with EURO 2024.

UEFA EURO 2024 Mascot

Image Source: UEFA

The qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2024 saw teams from across Europe compete for a chance to play on this prestigious stage. The groups for the final tournament are as follows:

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D: Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria

Group E: Ukraine, Slovakia, Belgium, Romania

Group F: Portugal, Czechia, Georgia, Türkiye

UEFA Euro 2024 Fixtures and Bracket

EURO 2024 Round of 16

ERUO 2024 Round of 16 Bracket

Image Source: UEFA

Feel the Vibe of Soccer Carnival with 3D Printing

As UEFA Euro 2024 ignites the passion for soccer across Europe, 3D printing technology is bringing the excitement of the game closer to fans in ways never before imagined. From personalized memorabilia to life-like models of favorite players, the possibilities are endless. Fans can now hold a piece of the tournament in their hands, whether it’s a replica of the championship trophy or a custom figurine of the tournament’s top scorer.

Imagine having your own name engraved on a miniature version of the Euro 2024 stadium or wearing a 3D-printed jersey of your national team with your name on it. These customizable souvenirs are not just keepsakes; they’re a new way to express support and love for the beautiful game.

Interactive 3D models of stadiums and fixtures allow fans to explore the venues in intricate detail, offering a virtual tour of each location. These models serve as educational tools as well, providing insights into the architectural marvels that host the matches.

3D printing also aligns with the sustainability goals of UEFA Euro 2024. By producing goods on-demand, it reduces waste and the carbon footprint associated with mass-produced merchandise. This eco-friendly approach ensures that the celebration of soccer doesn’t come at the expense of our planet.

Make Your Own Soccer 3D Prints

1. 3D Printed Soccer Stadium

Download 3D Models

This model is a photorealistic representation of a modern soccer arena designed to bring your digital projects to life. Whether for game development, architectural visualization, or educational purposes, this model is ready to use and comes fully textured in various formats. It’s a perfect fit for those seeking to incorporate a touch of realism into their virtual environments, offering a detailed and immersive experience that mirrors the excitement of a live soccer match.

3D Printed Soccer Stadium

Image Source: iPoly3D from TURBOSQUID

2. Soccer Wall Mount

Download STL Files

This 3D printable design offers a practical and stylish way to display your treasured footballs, basketballs, or soccer balls. The updated version includes a new hanging (inverted) option, adding versatility to your display choices. Crafted for ease of use, the mount requires no supports and works well with PLA material.

Soccer Wall Mount

Image Source: theGreenOrange from Thingiverse

3. 3D Printed World Cup Trophy

Download STL Files

The model is split into two parts—the stand and the world globe—giving you the flexibility to print them separately or as a single piece. Ideal for fans and collectors, this 3D model can be printed with support and an infill of your choice, though a minimum of 15% is recommended. Bring home the excitement of victory with this 3D-printed soccer trophy.

3D Printed Soccer  World Cup Trophy.png

Image Source: dakkydaniel from Thingiverse

4. 3D Printed Soccer Net

Download STL Files

This model is a detailed representation of a soccer goal post, perfect for adding a realistic touch to any game or simulation. The design is optimized for 3D printing, ensuring easy assembly and durability. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to enhance your miniature soccer set or a developer creating a virtual soccer experience, this soccer net model offers authenticity and quality.

3D Printed Soccer Net

Image Source: 3BoyutGaraj from Thingiverse

5. 3D Printed Soccer Shoes

Download STL Files

This design captures the essence of soccer, offering fans a chance to print their very own pair of soccer cleats. Whether you’re a player, a fan, or a collector, these shoes are a symbol of the sport’s dynamism and your passion for the game. The model is detailed and ready for 3D printing, allowing you to add a personal touch to your soccer collection or create a unique gift for a fellow soccer enthusiast.

3D Printed Soccer Shoes

Image Source: Manucho from Thingiverse

6. 3D Printed UEFA Champions League Trophy

Download STL Files

This 3D-printed UEFA Champions League replica has been refined with added details to enhance its appearance and ease of assembly. The Henri Delaunay Cup’s iconic design is split into parts, allowing for separate printing and assembly, offering a customizable experience. Whether you’re a fan, a collector, or looking to add a touch of soccer history to your 3D printing projects, this model embodies the triumph and prestige of the Champions League.

3D Printed UEFA Champions League Trophy

Image Source: CSD_Salzburg from Thingiverse

7. 3D Printed Solid FIFA World Cup Trophy

Download STL Files

Behold the FIFA World Cup Trophy (Solid Version), a 3D model that embodies the prestige of the world’s most celebrated soccer tournament. This model is a solid, one-piece design that captures the elegance and grandeur of the actual trophy. It’s perfect for fans who want to commemorate the event or for use in educational settings to inspire the next generation of soccer enthusiasts. The model is available for download, allowing you to bring a piece of soccer history into your home or office with a tangible symbol of international sportsmanship and glory.

3D Printed Solid FIFA World Cup Trophy

Image Source: 3DPrintNovesia from Thingiverse

8. 3D Printed Soccer Ball

Download STL Files

Unleash your inner soccer star with the 3D-printed soccer ball. This high-poly design features deep grooves for a realistic look, even on smaller prints. The model rests on a hexagon base to ensure clean lines and a stable display.

3D Printed Soccer Ball

Image Source: nerd4mario from Thingiverse

9. 3D Printed Snap Soccer Ball

Download STL Files

This creative design features interlocking pieces that snap together to form a spherical truncated icosahedron, the geometric shape known for its use in soccer balls. It’s an engaging project that results in a unique and interactive display piece, symbolizing the universal love for the sport and the joy of creation.

3D Printed Snap Soccer Ball

Image Source: DaveMakesStuff from Thingiverse

10. 3D Printed UEFA Euro 2016 Replica

Download STL Files

This exquisite model is a faithful recreation of the coveted prize in European international football, designed to be 3D printed with precision. Standing at a total height of 28 cm and divided into six parts for ease of printing, it’s an ideal project for football enthusiasts and 3D printing hobbyists. Whether displayed in your home or office, this trophy is a symbol of football glory and a testament to the skills of both the athletes and the model’s creator.

3D Printed UEFA Euro 2016 Replica

Image Source: Janosch84 from Thingiverse

Replica created using 3DSPRO SLA 3D printing services and spray painting:

3DSPRO 3D Printed Delaunay Cup

11. Soccer Team Key Chain

Download STL Files

This collection captures the essence of your favorite teams in a compact and portable form. Each keychain is intricately designed to represent the spirit and pride of the clubs, making it the perfect accessory for any soccer fan. Whether you’re showing off your team loyalty or gifting it to a fellow fan, these keychains are a subtle yet stylish way to keep your beloved team close at all times.

3D Printed Soccer Team Key Chain

Image Source: Rayin3D from Cults3D

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