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3DSPRO Unveils 3D Plus™ Spray Painting Service

2024.06.13  401 clicks

Written by Abigail    June 13, 2024

3DSPRO, your trusted partner for 3D printing solutions, has announced the launch of the innovative 3D Plus™ Spray Painting service. This new 3D Plus™ service delivers an array of high-quality and colorful surface finishes for SLA, SLS, and SLM 3D printed parts.

Truck Painted vs Raw

The 3D Plus™ spray painting services offer a variety of surface finishes, each designed to enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of your 3D printed parts.

Gloss Paint: For a shiny, reflective surface

Matte Paint: Offering a non-reflective, modern look

Rubber Paint: Providing a soft, tactile texture

Metallic Paint: To give parts a sleek, industrial edge

Leather Texture Paint: For a sophisticated, natural feel

Crackle Paint: Creating a unique, vintage effect

Gloss UV Varnish: Ensuring a durable, high-gloss protective layer

Empowering customers with customization, the service allows the selection of any Pantone color, assuring that each part is not just manufactured but crafted to precise aesthetic specifications with unparalleled fidelity.

Airplane Painted vs Raw

Besides, we also offer a Color Chart eBook that is available to all who register or sign in via the spray painting page, aiming to provide a comprehensive guide to the vibrant range of colors.

3DSPRO is committed to excellence and innovation, and the 3D Plus™ Spray Painting service offers unmatched quality, high fidelity, and customization options to our customers.

All painted samples together

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