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3DSPRO Enhances Squote System with Major Update, Focusing on 3D Plus™ Services

2024.06.26  700 clicks

Written by Abigail    June 26, 2024

3DSPRO has rolled out a significant update to our Squote system, with a particular focus on enhancing the 3D Plus™ Services. This major upgrade, released yesterday, aims to improve user experience and streamline the quoting process for 3D printing projects.

The update specifically targets the organization of 3D printing material categories, making it simpler for users to find and choose the best materials for their specific needs. By incorporating the latest 3D Plus™ services more prominently, 3DSPRO is providing users with expanded capabilities for finishing and enhancing their 3D printed products.

Key Updates Recap:

● Enhanced integration and expansion of 3D Plus™ services, such as spray painting, electroplating, powder coating, screen printing, polishing, glass bead blasting, and vibratory smoothing, etc., offering a wider range of post-processing options to meet diverse project requirements.


● A more organized and logical flow within the quoting system, improving overall user experience as the user can check the materials easily.


● Streamlined navigation for selecting materials and post-processing options, allowing for more efficient project planning.


● Photos and detailed explanations are provided for every 3D Plus™ service and 3D printing material.

3DSPRO_3D_Plus_Services_Spray Painting

3D Plus™ Solutions at 3DSPRO represents a comprehensive suite of services designed to take 3D printing projects from concept to reality with professional-grade quality. These solutions aim to improve the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of 3D-printed objects, ensuring they are ready for professional use. From advanced post-processing techniques to specialized finishing options, 3D Plus™ Solutions provides the tools and expertise necessary to elevate the quality of 3D printed products.


To access these new features and experience the enhanced Squote system, users are advised to refresh their browser page when visiting 3DSPRO. It will ensure they are using the most up-to-date version of Squote and can take full advantage of its improved capabilities and expanded 3D Plus™ services.

3DSPRO remains dedicated to empowering users to become professionals in 3D printing by continually refining and expanding their services. We encourage users to explore the updated Squote system and provide feedback on their experience with the new features and enhanced 3D Plus™ services integration.

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