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Best Free 3D Models of Summer 2024

2024.04.17  303 clicks

Written by Abigail    April 17, 2024

Cover Image Source from jmensch28 from Thingiverse

Cool Things to 3D Print for Summer

As the days grow warmer and the sun shines brightly, it’s the perfect time to explore the exciting world of 3D printing. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a curious beginner, there’s something magical about turning digital designs into tangible objects. From functional gadgets to wonderful decorations, these free 3D models will inspire your next 3D printing adventure. So, grab your filament, fire up your printer, and let’s bring some sunshine into our lives!

Best Free 3D Models of Summer 2024

1. Print in Place Locking Box

Designer: SunShine

Unlike traditional boxes that require meticulous assembly, this 3D model is print-in-place. That means you print it as a single piece, and when it emerges from your 3D printer, it’s ready to use—no screws, glue, or frustration involved! Use this locking box to store small treasures, jewelry, or even tiny surprises. Imagine printing a batch of these for party favors or personalized gifts. The possibilities are endless! You can find the free STL model for the Print-In-Place Locking Box on Cults.

Print in Place Locking Box

Image Source: Sunshine from Cults3D

2. 3D-printed Vase

Designer: Area3dStudio

Are you ready to infuse your living space with elegance and creativity? This vase 3D model combines minimalist design with functional beauty, making it a delightful addition to any home or office. Its smooth curves and geometric patterns create an aesthetic that’s both modern and timeless. Whether you place it on a windowsill, a bookshelf, or a coffee table, it’s sure to catch the eye. Load the free 3D model into your slicer, choose your favorite filament, and watch as your printer brings this elegant piece to life!

3D-printed Vase

Image Source: Area3dStudio from Cults3D

3. 3D-printed Cheems Keychain

Designer: NeluaMX

The iconic Cheems Doge meme inspires this delightful 3D model. Cheems, with its goofy expression and floppy ears, has become a beloved internet sensation. Now you can carry a piece of Cheems wherever you go. The Cheems Keychain comes in two versions: the original Cheems and one adorned with a cute bow. At 6 cm long and 3 mm wide, it’s the ideal size to slip into your pocket or hang from your bag.

3D-printed Cheems Keychain

Image Source: NeluaMX from Cults3D

4. 3D-printed Rose

Designer: raul227


Are you ready to cultivate beauty through 3D printing? The free rose 3D model brings the elegance of nature to your digital workshop. The rose’s intricate details—from the velvety petals to the graceful sepals—are captured in stunning 3D form. The sepals cleverly incorporate built-in supports where needed. If you find any tiny imperfections, a gentle file will do the trick. Otherwise, glue the components together, and voilà—a fuller rose without the fuss! Display your 3D-printed rose on a shelf, use it as a centerpiece, or gift it to someone special. It’s a timeless symbol of love, beauty, and craftsmanship.

3d-printed Rose

Image Source: raul227 from Cults3D

5. Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Switch Dock Cover

Designer: breseart


Step into the enchanting world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom with this Switch Dock Cover! Crafted for fans of adventure, magic, and pixelated nostalgia, this free 3D model brings a touch of Hyrule to your gaming setup. This cover shields your Nintendo Switch from dust, scratches, and everyday wear. If you print at a 0.2 mm layer height, you’ll achieve the same mesmerizing design seen in the pictures. Below 0.2 mm, the pattern changes; at 0.3 mm, it smooths out. Whether you have the classic Nintendo Switch or the OLED version, there’s a fit for you. Print it, paint it, and make it uniquely yours.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Switch Dock Cover

Image Source: breseart from Cults3D

6. Print in Place Flexi Puppy

Designer: kendofuji

The Flexi Puppy is an articulated printing model, meaning it’s designed to move without assembly. There is no need for supports or complex post-processing—just print it as a single piece and watch the magic unfold. Press the button on the back of the Flexi Puppy, and it comes to life! It’s like having a mini companion right on your desk. Feel free to experiment with different filament colors to give your Flexi Puppy a unique personality.

Print in Place Flexi Puppy

Image Source: kendofuji from Cults3D

7. Modular Mounting System

Designer: HeyVye

The 3D-printed Modular Mounting System allows you to securely mount lightweight objects such as phones and small cameras. The joint in this system is also compatible with GoPro mounts, making it a versatile choice for various devices. Whether you want to capture epic action shots or keep your phone within reach, this system has you covered. Simple tighten or loosen the knobs on the sides to adjust the position. Print the components using your favorite filament, assemble them effortlessly, and unlock your creativity!

3D-printed Modular Mounting System

Image Source: HeyVye from Cults3D

8. 3D-printed Mini Laptop Stand

Designer: TomatoHawk

This Mini Laptop Stand 3D model offers an elegant solution for elevating your laptop while minimizing material usage. The laptop stand is designed with material and time-saving in mind, allowing you to print two copies in one. Its minimalist form provides sturdy support for your laptop, reducing waste and maximizing productivity. Print this stand, and it’s ready to use. Whether you have a compact ultrabook or a larger 17-inch laptop, this stand accommodates all sizes. For 17-inch laptops, consider scaling it up to 125% for optimal fit.

3D-printed Mini Laptop Stand

Image Source: TomatoHawk from Cults3D

9. Batman Keychain

Designer: artecreativo

This Batman Keychain 3D model combines functionality and fandom, allowing you to carry a piece of Gotham City wherever you go. Inspired by the iconic Batman logo, this keychain features a gyroscopic mechanism. Spin it, twist it, and watch as the Bat Signal comes to life! It’s like having your own miniature Bat-Signal right in your pocket. Attach it to your keys or backpack, or even use it as a zipper pull.

3D-printed Batman Keychain

Image Source: artecreativo from Cults3D

10. Medieval Castle

Designer: boldmachines

This castle is modeled with incredible attention to detail, which captures the essence of medieval architecture. From soaring towers to crenelated walls, it evokes the grandeur of a bygone era. You can print the castle in multiple parts and assemble them to create your fortress. There are so many makes, and you can find incredible castles in different colors, so please remember to check out the Makes section!

3D-printed Medieval Castle

Image Source: boldmachines from Thingiverse

11. Can Holder

Designer: 999henry

Are you ready to add a touch of practicality to your everyday life? The Can Holder 3D model offers a clever solution for carrying your favorite canned beverages with ease. The handle allows you to comfortably carry your canned drinks—whether it’s a refreshing soda, an energy drink, or sparkling water. Say goodbye to awkwardly juggling multiple cans!

3D-printed Can Holder

Image Source: 999henry from Thingiverse

12. Cable Wrapper Organizer Management

Designer: sp0nge

Are you tired of tangled cords and messy cables in your kitchen? This clever 3D model offers a practical solution for keeping kitchen appliance cords neat and organized. It is designed to be compatible with 70% of kitchen equipment wires, which is highly versatile! Whether it’s your blender, toaster, or coffee maker, you can keep their cords neatly wrapped.

3D-printed Cable Organizer

Image Source: sp0nge from Thingiverse

13. Armillary Sphere

Designer: khattoum

The Armillary Sphere 3D model pays homage to ancient celestial instruments, allowing you to explore the cosmos right from your desk. The Armillary Sphere's history dates back to ancient Greece when astronomers and navigators used it to understand the positions of celestial bodies. Now, you can hold a miniature version in your hands.

3D-printed Armillary Sphere

Image Source: khattoum from Thingiverse

14. Spider-Man 2099 Helmet

Designer: budwin

Inspired by the iconic superhero, this helmet brings the high-tech aesthetics of the year 2099 to life. From the angular contours to the textured surface, it is high precision and well-designed. While the lens has undergone revisions for better visibility, the rest of the components are ready for your 3D printer. Assemble them, and imagine yourself swinging through the skyscrapers of New York City. Whether you’re a cosplayer aiming for authenticity or want a striking display piece, this helmet is a must-print.

3D-printed Spider Man Helmet

Image Source: budwin from Thingiverse

15. Cat Paws Earing

Designer: Jozka_1

Are you a cat lover? If so, you’ll adore the Cat Paws Earring by PrintMyDesign! This charming 3D model captures the playful essence of feline paws, allowing you to wear a touch of kitty cuteness. The Cat Paws Earring is easy to print without supports. Simply load the free STL files into your 3D printer, choose your favorite filament color, and create your pair of cat-inspired earrings.

3D-printed Cat Paws Earing

Image Source: Jozka_1 from MyMiniFactory

16. 3D-printed Cat Toy

Designer: jwinfield

The Cat Toy features a simple yet effective design that accommodates a standard ping-pong ball. Cats love to bat at and chase small objects, and this toy provides endless entertainment. With its straightforward design, you can print the Cat Toy at high speed. Insert a ping-pong ball into the toy and watch your cat’s curiosity come alive.

3D-printed Cat Toy

Image Source: jwinfield from MyMiniFactory

17. Print in Place Flexi Cat

Designer: Dejavu

The Flexi Cat is a charming and flexible toy that brings a smile to cat enthusiasts. Its curvy form and adorable details make it a joy to print and play with. No assembly is required! It’s designed to be printed in one piece, making it a fun and hassle-free project. Whether you have a real cat or want a cute desk companion, this flexible feline is sure to entertain.

Print in Place Flexi Cat

Image Source: Dejavu from MyMiniFactory

18. Low Poly World Map

Designer: Johannes_8189

This impressive 3D model brings the continents, oceans, and countries of our planet to life in a captivating, low-poly style. At a whopping two meters in size, this world map is perfect for your living room, office, or any other spacious wall. Whether you’re a geography enthusiast, a traveler, or simply appreciate the unique decor, this model is a must-print!

3D-printed Low Poly World Map

Image Source: Johannes_8189 from Printables

19. Airless Ping Pong Ball

Designer: E_T_

Get ready to revolutionize your table tennis experience with this Airless Ping-Pong Ball! This innovative 3D model reimagines the classic ping-pong ball, eliminating the need for air while maintaining its playful bounce. The Airless Ping-Pong Ball is designed to be resilient, consistent, and ready for intense rallies. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, this ball delivers reliable performance. While this ball may be a bit heavier than traditional table tennis balls, it’s still suitable for friendly matches.

3D-printed Ping Pong Ball

Image Source: E_T_ from Printables

20. Fidget Herringbone Gears

Designer: Keep Making

This free 3D model combines the soothing motion of gears with a herringbone twist. The unique herringbone design adds stability and reduces play compared to standard spur-type gears. As more surface area makes contact, these gears offer a satisfying tactile experience.

Fidget Herringbone Gears

Image Source: Keep Making from Thangs

21. Spiral Vase

Designer: Kazi Toad

This 3D model's intricate spiral design adds a dynamic and eye-catching element. Whether you display it as a standalone piece or fill it with fresh flowers, it's sure to draw attention. The result is a stunning piece that celebrates geometry and creativity. Use it as a centerpiece, a decorative accent on a shelf, or even as a gift for someone who appreciates unique design.

3D-printed Spiral Vase

Image Source: Kazi Toad from Thangs

22. Articulated Voxel Dragon

Designer: pressprint

This articulated dragon 3D model combines the magic of voxel-based design, allowing you to create a dynamic and poseable dragon. Each facet contributes to its visual appeal, making it a standout piece. Articulated design allows you to pose the dragon in various dynamic positions. This model is optimized for 3D printing, making it a fun project for makers of all levels.

Articulated Voxel Dragon

Image Source: pressprint from Thangs

23. 8x8 Multiboard Core Tile

Designer: Keep Making

This ingenious 3D model forms the foundation of the Multiboard system, allowing you to create customizable storage solutions, modular displays, and more. Whether you’re organizing tools, displaying collectibles, or creating a custom workspace, these tiles provide endless possibilities. The multiboard core tile can be a versatile addition to any maker’s toolkit.

3D-printed Multiboard

Image Source:

24. Collapsing Drill Sword Print-in-Place

Designer: 3dprintingworld

This 3D sword model combines the thrill of a sword with the magic of print-in-place design. Unlike traditional swords that require assembly, this one prints complete—all as one piece! There is no need for separate parts or complex post-processing. The collapsible design allows the blade to extend and retract smoothly. Whether you’re a cosplayer, a tabletop gamer, or appreciate cool gadgets, this sword is sure to impress. Thanks to clever engineering, you won’t need additional support during printing. For optimal results, just use a 0.4mm nozzle.

Collapsing Drill Sword Print-in-Place

Image Source: 3dprintingworld from Thangs

25. Gridfinity Baseplates

Designer: ZackFreedman

This 3D model forms the foundation of the Gridfinity system, allowing you to create customizable storage solutions, modular displays, and more. Gridfinity introduces a gridded baseplate that accommodates blocks (also known as boxes or bins) sized to fit into one or more grid cells. Whether you’re organizing tools, art supplies, or hobby materials, these baseplates provide various solutions. The print result is ideal with using any filament with a 0.6mm or smaller nozzle. Please note that Wider plates can curl, so maximize your bed adhesion if you’re printing large.

Gridfinity Baseplates

Image Source: ZackFreedman from Thangs

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