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The Best Print-in-Place 3D Models: Download STL Files

2024.05.20  130 clicks

Written by Abigail    May 20, 2024

What is print-in-place in 3D printing?

Print-in-place means 3D models with movable parts, all in a single print. Unlike traditional 3D printing models, where each part is printed separately and then assembled, print-in-place design allows users to print as one cohesive unit without the need for post-print assembly.

The core idea behind print-in-place is to eliminate the assembly process, which is achieved by designing the 3D model in such a way that it includes tiny gaps or clearances between the moving parts. These clearances are precisely calibrated to ensure that once the printing is done, the parts can move or articulate as intended right off the print bed.

Print-in-place designs reduce the overall time from design to functional part, as there is no need for post-processing or assembly. It also enables the creation of complex mechanisms such as gears, hinges, and joints, all within a single print.

So, today, we find a list of great print-in-place 3D models for you! Let's print and have fun!

Download STL Files for the Best Print-in-Place 3D Models

1. Print-in-Place Articulated Sea Slug

Designer: deinfinityx

Download STL Files


Dive into the depths of the ocean with the articulated sea slug. This intricate design captures the delicate beauty of one of the sea’s most ethereal creatures. With its articulated body, the model mimics the natural movement of the Blue Dragon, gliding through water with grace and fluidity. The model’s tail clips on from underneath, adding to the realism while maintaining the fragile nature of this stunning sea creature.

Print-in-Place Articulated Sea Slug

Image Source: deinfinityx on Thingiverse

2. Articulated Dragon

Designer: kimseungwoo11

Download STL Files


This articulated flame dragon is a dynamic and flexible design. With each articulated joint, the dragon’s body flows with a natural rhythm, capturing the imagination of all who see it. The design is a challenge that rewards the maker with a creature that seems to breathe fire and passion into any collection.

articulated dragon

Image Source: kimseungwoo11 on Thingiverse

3. Print-in-Place Spring Loaded Box

Designer: Turbo_SunShine

Learn How to Make 3D Model and Download STL Files

Step into the world of functional 3D printing with the print-in-place spring loaded box, a cleverly designed model that showcases the ingenuity of print-in-place technology. With its integrated spring mechanism, the box demonstrates how multiple components, typically assembled post-printing, can be printed together as a single unit. It is ideal for those looking to push the boundaries of their 3D printing skills, this model offers a practical application that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

Print-in-Place Spring Loaded Box

Image Source: Turbo_SunShine on Instructables

4. Print-in-Place Flexi Shark

Designer: 3D_FlexSeeds

Download STL Files

This flexi tiger shark is a print-in-place 3D model that embodies the elegance and power of one of the ocean’s most respected predators. Each segment of the shark’s body is meticulously designed to flex and bend, allowing for a natural swimming motion that is both mesmerizing and educational. Whether you’re a 3D printing enthusiast looking for a challenging new project or a lover of marine life, this model offers an engaging experience.

Print-in-Place Flexi Shark

Image Source: 3D_FlexSeeds on Thingiverse

5. Print-in-Place Action Pliers

Designer: ecoiras

Download STL Files


This prin-in-place design combines practicality with playful design. The Action Pliers are more than just a tool; they are a showcase of the designer’s journey in mastering 3D CAD software and 3D printers, transforming a simple concept into a tangible reality. Inspired by the nostalgia of childhood toys and the functionality of everyday tools, this model is designed to be printed without supports.

Print-in-Place Action Pliers

Image Source: ecoiras on Thingiverse

6. Print-in-Place Fidget Cube

Designer: mathgrrl

Download STL Files

Unleash your inner tinkerer with this print-in-place fidget cube, a 3D model that’s all about playful functionality and clever design. This design allows you to fold and unfold the cube in a satisfying dance of fingers and mechanics. It’s a perfect stress reliever, desk toy, and conversation starter, all rolled into one compact, print-in-place package.

Print-in-Place Fidget Cube

Image Source: mathgrrl on Thingiverse

7. Print-in-Place Phone/Tablet Stand

Designer: jonnig

Download STL Files

This stand is a print-in-place utility item for your phone and tablet, which can evaluate your electronic devices to improve your working experience. It comes in three sizes to accommodate a range of devices, ensuring that whether you have a compact phone or a larger tablet, your needs are covered. The stand’s ability to fold flat makes it an ideal travel companion, ready to be deployed whenever you need it.

Print-in-Place Phone or Tablet Stand

Image Source: jonnig on Thingiverse

8. Print-in-Place Minisaurs

Designer: MUZZ64

Download STL Files

Here is the print-in-place 3D model that brings the ancient world of minisaurs to your desktop. These charming creatures are meticulously designed to capture the essence of their larger-than-life counterparts in a compact, playful form. From the mighty T-Rex to the swift Velociraptor, each Minisaur promises a unique printing and assembly experience.

Print-in-Place Minisaurs


Image Source: MUZZ64 on Cults3D

9. 3D Printable Hinges

Designer: guppyk

Download STL Files

Here is a versatile collection of 3D models that are essential for any maker’s toolkit. These hinges are designed to be printed in place, offering a range of sizes from the petite 30 x 20 mm to the substantial 100 x 50 mm, ensuring that there’s a hinge for every need. Whether you’re creating custom cabinets, toys, or prototypes, these hinges are surprisingly strong and ready to integrate into your project with minimal fuss.

3D Printable Hinges

Image Source: guppyk on Thingiverse

10. Print-in-Place Spin Cube

Designer: untiedlaces

Download STL Files

Discover the joy of kinetic art with this prin-in-place spin cube, a 3D model that’s a spin on the traditional fidget spinner. It’s designed to be interactive, providing a satisfying tactile experience as you watch it spin and display its geometric beauty. This model is perfect for those who appreciate the calming effect of spinning objects and the intricate design possibilities of 3D printing.

Print-in-Place Spin Cube

Image Source: untiedlaces on Thingiverse

11. Print-in-Place Modular Truck


Download STL Files

Rev up your 3D printers for the print-in-place modular truck base. It’s a modular that can be customized with various attachments, such as a dump bucket or wood transport extension with a crane. The design features fully working wheels and a hinged cab.

Print-in-Place Modular Truck

Image Source: BUDINAVIT on Cults3D

12. Print-in-Place Collapsing Sword

Designer: 3dprintingworld

Download STL Files

This print-in-place collapsing sword is a 3D model that brings the iconic weapon of the hero from the classic video game series to life. The sword stands 250mm tall when printing, but it extends to an impressive 870mm long, capturing the grandeur and mystique of the fabled blade. It’s designed to be printed with a 0.4mm nozzle, ensuring the blade is two shells thick for strength and durability.

Print-in-Place Collapsing Sword

Image Source: 3dprintingworld on Thangs

13. Print-in-Place Ratchet Clamp

Designer: LuisCarreno_244212

Download STL Files

This prin-in-place gadget is a ratchet clamp that can be scaled up to 200%, making it a versatile tool for various applications, especially woodworking. With its ratchet system, the clamp provides a strong grip, perfect for holding small pieces during glue-ups or other precision work. It is printed in PETG with a 0.2mm layer height and 40% infill, which is designed for durability and strength. You can pick your preferred 3D printing materials to make this useful gadget.

Print-in-Place Ratchet Clamp

Image Source: LuisCarreno_244212 on Printables

14. Articulated Wolf

Designer: IXPatch

Download STL Files

It is a floppy wolf that captures the spirit of the wilderness. With no need for supports or assembly, the Floppy Wolf comes to life straight from the print bed, ready to display its fluid, flexible movements. Each joint in the wolf’s body is meticulously crafted to mimic the natural articulation of a real wolf, providing an engaging experience for the makers.

Articulated Wolf

Image Source: IXPatch on Printables

15. Articulated Axolotl

Designer: Maker1O1

Download STL Files

This model, originally remixed by Maker1O1 and available on MakerWorld, is a playful rendition of the axolotl, designed to be printed in a single process without the need for assembly. So, prepare your printer and get ready to create your own articulated axolotl, a delightful addition to any collection that promises to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Articulated Axolotl

Image Source: Maker1O1 on MakerWorld

3DSPRO Can Make Your Print-In-Place Designs into Reality

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With 3DSPRO, the possibilities are limitless! Your print-in-place designs deserve the best, and 3DSPRO delivers just that. So, upload your design, choose your materials, and wait for 3DSPRO to turn your 3D printing dreams into reality.

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