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Free 3D Models for 3D-printed Articulated Animals

2024.04.03  597 clicks

Written by Abigail    April 3, 2024

Free 3D Models for Articulated Animals

The creation of 3D-printed articulated animals has emerged as a fascinating and innovative way to bring digital designs to life. These cool things to 3D print not only capture the imagination but also showcase the incredible versatility of 3D printing technology. With free 3D models readily available, enthusiasts and professionals can explore the world of articulated animals, crafting creatures that move and pose with a lifelike fluidity. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing veteran or a curious newcomer, the journey into printing articulated animals promises a rewarding blend of art, science, and engineering. Dive into this guide to discover a curated selection of free models that will inspire your next project and expand your 3D printing horizons.

3D-printed Articulated Snake Free STL Files

1. TechnicaL50 from Thingiverse

Designed by TechnicaL50, this model is a marvel of design. It allows for a fully articulated, lifelike snake that requires no assembly after printing. The head is now larger, and previous design issues have been smoothed out, ensuring a seamless printing experience. Ideal for both 3D printing enthusiasts and educators. Enjoy creating a snake that can twist and turn, just like the real thing!

3D-printed Articulated Snake-Credit from TechnicaL50

Image Source: TechnicaL50

2. JOAKIN from Cults3D

This design, available on Cults3D, is a testament to the creative possibilities that 3D printing unlocks. Easy to print and requiring no assembly, this 3D-printed articulated snake is perfect for both beginners and experienced makers looking to expand their collection with a model that combines flexibility and function. With its segments designed for smooth movement, this snake is not just a static display but a playful object that can be posed and interacted with. It’s a delightful project that promises hours of engagement and the joy of creation.

3D-printed Articulated Snake-Credit from JOAKIN

Image Source: JOAKIN

3. Gryfalcon from MyMiniFactory

The Snake and Rattlesnake models are meticulously crafted to be printed in one piece, boasting an optional tongue and a functional rattle that adds to their charm. At their original scale, they require a modest 16 x 16 cm print bed but extend to an impressive length of over 80 cm, embodying the grandeur of these majestic creatures. Whether you’re printing on a standard or belt printer, these models offer a satisfying project with a stunning result that’s sure to captivate any 3D printing enthusiast.

3D-printed Articulated Snake-Credit from Gryfalcon

Image Source: Gryfalcon

3D-printed Articulated Dragon Free STL Files

1. rextruction from MyMiniFactory

Embark on a mythical adventure with the articulated hydra 3D model, a creature steeped in the legends of Greek mythology. Created by the talented Tyler Martin, this model captures the essence of the Lernaean Hydra. Designed to fit comfortably on both MK3 and Ender3 print beds at 100% scale, the model includes individual links, heads, torso, and tail, allowing you to customize the length to suit your printer or personal preference. Whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or simply love the challenge of printing articulated models, this hydra is sure to be a captivating addition to your collection.

3D-printed Articulated Dragon-Credit from rextruction

Image Source: rextruction

2. 7Fish from Thingiverse

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of 3D printing with the Lung Oriental Articulated Dragon by 7Fish, a masterpiece that captures the elegance and mystique of the mythical dragon. This intricate model is the tenth dragon project by the designer and is akin to a sea serpent with a similar structure. It’s a celebration of the rich heritage and symbolism associated with the oriental dragon, known for its power, wisdom, and good fortune. The design is optimized for 3D printing, ensuring that each segment fits together perfectly to create a fluid, lifelike movement. Whether you’re a collector of mythical creatures or a 3D printing enthusiast, this 3D-printed articulated dragon is sure to breathe a touch of magic into your collection.

3D-printed Articulated Dragon-Credit from 7Fish

Image Source: 7Fish

3. BQ_3D from Cults3D

This articulated masterpiece, composed of 42 individual pieces, is designed to be printed without the need for additional supports, thanks to its cleverly integrated small supports. Each segment, from the detailed head to the tail, is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth movement, bringing this mythical creature to life.

3D-printed Articulated Dragon-Credit from BQ_3D

Image Source: BQ_3D

4. kimseungwoo11 from Thingiverse

Ignite your imagination with the Articulated Flame Dragon, a 3D model that embodies the fiery spirit of mythical dragons. The model features articulated segments that allow for dynamic poses, capturing the essence of a dragon in flight or at rest. It’s designed for 3D printing enthusiasts who want to bring a piece of fantasy into the real world. The Articulated Flame Dragon is perfect for those who appreciate the majesty of dragons and the intricacies of articulated models.

3D-printed Articulated Dragon-Credit from kimseungwoo11

Image Source: kimseungwoo11

5. P1lotz from Thingiverse

Created by the designer P1lotz, this 3D model is a standout piece featuring articulated segments that mimic the majestic movements of a dragon. The design has evolved, with P1lotz refining it since 2019 to achieve a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. This model embodies the fiery essence of its mythical counterparts.

3D-printed Articulated Dragon-Credit from P1lotz

Image Source: P1lotz

3D-printed Articulated Octopus Free STL Files

1. MCGYBEER from Cults3D

Explore the playful world of 3D printing with the Cute Mini Octopus, a delightful model that brings a touch of whimsy to your collection. This charming octopus is not only adorable but also articulated, designed to be printed without any support for ease and convenience. Its tentacles can move and twist, giving it a lifelike appearance that’s sure to capture the hearts of both young and old. Whether you’re looking to add some fun to your desk or searching for a cute gift, the Cute Mini Octopus is a perfect choice.

3D-printed Articulated Octopus-Credit from MCGYBEER

Image Source: MCGYBEER

2. Panospace from MyMiniFactory

This 3D model is a ball-joint articulated octopus remix that brings the ocean’s wonders to your desktop. It is a colorful rendition of the intelligent cuttlefish and offers a playful twist on the traditional octopus design. With its ball-joint articulation, each tentacle moves independently, allowing for a range of expressive poses that mimic the creature’s natural movements.

3D-printed Articulated Octopus-Credit from Panospace

Image Source: Panospace

3. Ellindsey from Thingiverse

This endeavor by Ellindsey on Thingiverse evolved into an adorable, lifelike octopus that boasts both form and function. With its ball-joint design, each tentacle can be moved and positioned, giving this cute cephalopod a dynamic range of expressions and poses. It’s a delightful project for 3D printing enthusiasts looking to add a touch of oceanic charm to their collection.

3D-printed Articulated Octopus-Credit from Ellindsey

Image Source: Ellindsey

3D-printed Articulated Dinosaur Free STL Files

1. Benchy4Life from Thingiverse

Designed by Benchy4Life on Thingiverse, this model is part of a fun series of articulated animals that are as enjoyable to play with as they are to make. The Flexi-Velociraptor is engineered for movement, with a design that allows for a fluid, lifelike motion. It can be printed with varying infill percentages, giving you the option to adjust the weight and flexibility to your preference.

3D-printed Articulated Dinosaur-Credit from Benchy4Life

Image Source: Benchy4Life

2. kalancouvy from Thingiverse

It is a delightful model that brings the prehistoric giant to life with a playful twist. Inspired by the popular Flexi Rex and other flexible toys, this design by kalancouvy on Thingiverse captures the imagination with its lifelike movement and charming appeal. The 3D model is engineered for easy printing and assembly, making it a perfect project for both beginners and seasoned makers. It’s a creative way to explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs and the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

3D-printed Articulated Dinosaur-Credit from kalancouvy

Image Source: kalancouvy

3D-printed Articulated Lizard Free STL Files

1. McGybeer from Thingiverse

Created by McGybeer, this model is an evolution of a previous design, now featuring articulated legs for added realism and movement. The beauty of this model lies in its simplicity: no supports or assembly are required, making it a breeze to print. Just slice and print! This lizard is not just a static model; it’s a playful, interactive creature that can be posed in various stances, bringing a dynamic touch to your collection or educational project.

3D-printed Articulated Lizard-Credit from McGybeer

Image Source: McGybeer

2. Ellswor from MyMiniFactory

This model, a creative adaptation by Ellswor, takes the original Articulated Lizard by McGybeer to new heights with the addition of colorful stripes, spots, eyes, and a textured belly. The design has been cleverly segmented, allowing for a variety of lizard types to be printed from the same model simply by changing the filament colors. It’s a fantastic way to experiment with multi-material printing and add a dash of color to your collection of articulated creatures.

3D-printed Articulated Lizard-Credit from Ellswor

Image Source: Ellswor

3. ZHHWANG from Cults3D

This ingenious design incorporates small holes in the lizard's body through which transparent sewing thread can be threaded. The result is a playful, animated lizard that you can manipulate and move as if it were truly alive. It's a simple yet brilliant enhancement that transforms a static model into an engaging toy or educational tool, perfect for demonstrations or just for fun.

3D-printed Articulated Lizard-Credit from ZHHWANG

Image Source: ZHHWANG

3DSPRO: Bringing Articulated Animals to Life

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SLA 3D-printed Articulated Dragon at 3DSRPO  SLA 3D-printed Articulated Dinosaur at 3DSRPO-02

 SLA 3D-printed Articulated Dinosaur at 3DSRPO

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