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3D Printing Cost Calculator: How much does 3D printing cost?

2024.06.04  407 clicks

Written by Abigail    July 19, 2024 Updated

3DSPRO Instant Quoting System: An Intelligent 3D Printing Cost Calculator

In 3D printing, efficiency and accuracy in cost estimation are critical to every project. That's why there are many types of 3D printing cost calculators on the market. At 3DSPRO, Our Instant Quoting System offers an intelligent solution to the often complex and time-consuming process of cost calculation. Simply upload your 3D models and let the 3DSPRO quoting system instantly calculate the cost of 3D printing for you. No manual math is required—your 3D printing project pricing is just a few clicks away.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Gone are the hours spent on tedious calculations. 3DSPRO simplifies the process to a matter of clicks. Users need only to upload their 3D models to the system. Within moments, the intelligent algorithm of 3DSPRO evaluates the 3D model, considering factors such as part volume, material cost, printing time, labor cost, post-processing requirements, etc.

Intelligent Analysis for Accurate Estimates

3DSPRO quoting system doesn’t merely crunch numbers. It performs a thorough analysis, ensuring every aspect of your design is evaluated for an accurate cost assessment. The system delves into the intricacies of your 3D model, assessing every curve and corner to provide an accurate cost estimate. It takes into account the specificities of different printing materials and technologies, ensuring that the quote reflects the true and lowest general cost of your project.

Cost-Effectiveness Without Compromise

3DSPRO delivers the lowest general cost without compromising on quality. It achieves this by comparing prices across a network of suppliers and selecting the most economical options that meet your project’s requirements.

Price Match Guarantee

To further ensure that you receive the best possible deal, 3DSPRO offers a price match guarantee. If you find a lower price for the same service elsewhere, 3DSPRO will match it.

A Partner in 3D Printing

We can be a partner in your 3D printing journey. Once you receive your instant quote, 3DSPRO guides you through the next steps, from choosing the right materials to finalizing the printing project. It ensures that your project transitions smoothly from digital design to prototypes or end-use parts, all while keeping costs transparent and under control.

3DSPRO offers a user-friendly, intelligent, and cost-effective solution that caters to everyone in 3D printing. With us, you can focus on bringing your creations to life, confident that you are getting the best value for your investment.

3DSPRO Squote

How does 3DSPRO calculate the cost of your 3D printing project?

To generate the final cost of a 3D model, first the volume of the 3D model is analyzed and then multiplied by a coefficient. This coefficient includes the material cost, machine cost, labor cost, and total other costs.

3DSPRO demystifies the process by which we calculate 3D printing costs with a clear, systematic approach to costing.

Check out how Squote calculates 3D printing costs:

Volume Analysis

3D model volume analysis is the foundation of cost calculation at 3DSPRO. 3DSPRO’s sophisticated algorithms first determine the total volume that your model will occupy once printed. This is a crucial step as it directly relates to the amount of material and the space in the 3D printer chamber that will be used.

The Coefficient

Once the volume is determined, 3DSPRO applies a factor to convert that volume into a monetary value. This coefficient is not an arbitrary number but a comprehensive number that covers various cost factors:

Material Cost: The price of the material used for printing, such as resins, plastics, and metals. We calculate material costs based on the density of the material, the weight of the material used for printing, and the material cost per unit weight.

Machine Cost: The depreciation and maintenance expenses of the 3D printer.

Labor Cost: The human expertise required to oversee the printing process.

Total Other Costs: Additional expenses such as electricity, facility costs, and post-processing work.

The Formula for Success:

Final Cost = Volume × Coefficient

Where the coefficient is the sum of material, machine, labor, and other costs, this formula ensures that every aspect of the printing process is accounted for, providing a transparent and fair price for the service.

With 3DSPRO, you receive an estimate that is precise and prompt, eliminating guesswork and saving time. The system continuously updates the coefficient to reflect current market prices, ensuring that you always get an up-to-date quote. We provide a user-friendly interface that quickly translates complex data into actionable information, allowing you to make informed decisions about your 3D printing projects.

3DSPRO Squote Interface

It takes only ONE step to know How Much Does 3D Printing Cost!

3D Printing Cost Calculators for Personal 3D Printer Projects

1. Prusa

The Prusa 3D Printing Cost Calculator is a practical tool that simplifies the pricing process for 3D printing projects. It is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to either upload their G-code file or manually input print time and filament weight. The calculator comes pre-filled with the most common values, but it also provides the flexibility to edit these according to specific project requirements. After inputting the necessary data, users can obtain a breakdown of the cost, which includes filament type, electricity, labor, and machine upkeep.

Prusa 3D Printing Price Calculator

Image Source: Prusa Website

2. Omni

The Omni 3D printing cost calculator provides a straightforward and efficient way to calculate the cost of 3D printer projects. By inputting a few basic parameters, users can quickly determine what they should charge for any job, making it an essential asset for those running a professional 3D printing business or just starting. This calculator breaks down the total cost into two main parts: the material cost, which corresponds to the material that will be used, and the labor cost associated with the time of printing.

Users can also add a markup to ensure they’re making a profit on each item printed. The material cost is calculated using a formula that considers the density of the material, the diameter of the filament, the length of the filament used for printing, and the cost of material per unit weight.

The labor cost is determined by multiplying the time needed to finish the job by the hourly rate.

Omni 3D Printing Cost Calculator

Image Source: Omni Website

3. Formlabs

The Formlabs 3D printing cost calculator tool is designed to streamline the cost estimation process for 3D printing projects. It assists users in calculating the cost per part and the production time per part, specifically when using Formlabs printers.

This tool is particularly useful for those in engineering and other industries where precision and cost-efficiency are crucial.

By considering various factors such as the type of printer, the part being printed, the quantity, and the time frame for production, the tool provides a detailed breakdown of costs. It also allows users to input their own cost parameters, like the hourly cost, to tailor the results to their specific business model.

Formlabs 3D Printing Cost Tool

Image Source: Formlabs Website

4. Fabbaloo

The Fabbaloo 3D print job cost estimator is a comprehensive tool designed to help users determine the actual cost of their 3D prints. It’s particularly useful for those who need to calculate the cost for commercial purposes or when charging for a print job.

The calculator is straightforward to use, requiring users to input data such as the print weight, material cost, print time, electricity cost, printer purchase price, and printer power consumption. It also takes into account the expected lifetime of the printer and typical usage to provide a more accurate cost estimate. This calculator is versatile, accommodating both resin and filament 3D printers, and it’s adaptable to various scenarios, whether you’re calculating costs for personal projects or a business.

Fabbaloo 3D Print Job Cost Calculator

Image Source: Fabbaloo Website

5. 3D Print HQ Calculator

The 3D Print HQ Calculator offers a detailed approach to calculating the cost of 3D printed objects by considering a wide range of factors. Users can input the object weight, printing time, electricity tariff, printer power, filament cost, printer purchase price, and expected printer lifetime.

Additionally, the calculator allows for the inclusion of daily usage hours, repair costs, other miscellaneous costs, and even the failure rate to provide a comprehensive cost analysis. It is particularly useful for those who want to ensure that all aspects of the printing process are accounted for in the pricing.

3D Print HQ Calculator

Image Source: 3D Print HQ Website

6. 3DWithUs

The 3DWithUs 3D printing cost calculator is a user-friendly online tool that aids both casual 3D printer users and e-shop owners in estimating the costs involved in creating a 3D printed object. It takes into account various factors, such as the cost of the material, the weight of the 3D printed object, the price of the machine, its life expectancy, and labor costs.

3DWithUs 3D Printing Cost Calculator

Image Source: 3DWithUs Website

7. Shatter Box

The Shatter Box 3D print cost calculator is a robust and versatile tool designed to provide detailed cost calculations for 3D printing jobs. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to get a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of their printing projects. The calculator is equipped with features that allow users to account for various factors, including the selected material, used amount, energy costs, profit margin, additional work steps, failure rate, and even depreciation if necessary.

What sets the Shatter Box calculator apart is its ability to save and load calculations, making it easier for users to revisit and adjust their cost estimates for future projects.

Shatter Box 3D Print Cost Calculator (NXG)

Image Source: Shatter Box Website

8. MakerShop

The MakerShop 3D printing cost calculator tool is an advanced resource designed to help users accurately calculate the true costs and potential profits from 3D printing parts. This tool stands out by analyzing your STL model, electricity costs, and more to provide a detailed cost breakdown. It’s engineered to factor in elements that most online tools overlook, such as machine wear, maintenance, bed type adhesion, and an upload STL feature.

Users can fine-tune their calculations by selecting their printing material, specifying the print layer height, inputting the infill percentage of the part, and entering their print speed in mm/s. After uploading the STL file, the calculator slices the file and estimates the values needed to calculate the cost of the print.

MakerShop 3D Printing Cost Calculator Tool

Image Source: MakerShop Website

9. 3dpcalc

The 3dpcalc 3D Print Calculator is a comprehensive tool designed to assist the 3D printing community with an easy and intuitive way of calculating printing costs. It focuses on actual consumption and includes a variety of features to ensure accurate cost estimations. It features a range of functionalities, including cost calculations per gram for both filament and printed models, price per hour of printing, and power consumption based on the latest electricity bills.

The calculator supports various printer profiles, accommodates SLA printers, and allows for the inclusion of additional costs such as setup fees and delivery. Moreover, it provides options for markup computation and the convenience of exporting the results to PDF.

3dpcalc 3D Print Calculator

Image Source: 3dpcalc Website

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